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 Let me Tell You  Why I became a Wedding Officiate

It all Started when I was looking for a  wedding  officiate who Would Marry My Son & now
 while he was Incarcerated. 
I seen how Expensive it was
$700 - $900 
& how difficult it was for me to find a Minister who would do it not So Much for the Money as it can be Costly.

 but because they too believed in Love & yet not to be Judgmental.....
 being that it was taking place in a county jail through a Window &  phone  5-15 min. I want the love to be felt even though we have a glass between us. As this will be temporary in the name of Jesus.
I just thought I Can NOT let this be a Simple Wedding with no Meaning
So I make the whole process  Exciting !!

I keep in touch through out the process of us getting ready to apply for the license .

 I keep the bride informed of where we are in our process from Groom getting Notarized , and I send reminder of when we are set for our appointment @ clerks office. 

           I try to make the wedding happen as quickly as Possible

         I take Pictures of the Bride while we apply for the License so that when I am done getting you married I will send him pictures of how we spent out time together making this beautiful Day Happen, so ladies I am warning you now look your best as I will be mailing him your Pictures .

I Encourage the Couple to write their Own Wedding Vows as they can Not Be Right Or Wrong as long as it's from your Heart they will be Perfect and I Will close the Ceremony  with my vows. 

I Encourage Brides to  wear a Wedding dress "get all beautiful" for their Husbands to be as this is a Beautiful day for Both of you..

            A wedding doesn't have to take place in a Hall to be beautiful !! 

        I Do My Best:

      ~To Be~

      #1. Affordable  Starting @ 275.00 Down Payment
                                Local Jail Weddings..

      We will work with you on the cost by taking Payments...

                           To Start Your Process.. 

         ~ County Jail Wedding's ~

          West Valley Detention Center  ,
          Glenn Helen Detention center ,

          Adelanto Detention Center,
          Cdc  San Bernardino..

          Park Weddings,

          House weddings ,
          Your Imagination is my Inspiration...

      #2. To make it Stress Free as Possible
          I'm Available via cell phone e-mail any time..

      #3. To Make it the Most Beautiful Day of their Lives

          Where ever we do the Ceremony... ( Jail wedding )

      #4. I Can Offer you a package deal that can eliminate hours of Stress
          and running around just ask for details... ( Jail Wedding's )

 :Our Package includes:

                        Inability to Appear Form from Clerk's office

Notary goes and get's your loved one Notarized

I Meet with Notary to pick up your Document

Inability To Appear Appointment @ Clerks office

We Meet @ clerk's office to Apply for Wedding Certificate 

Wedding License NOT included in pkg 
( $ 88.00 public Or $90.00 Confidential no witness needed )
(Payable to county Clerk's office )

Wedding Ceremony

I go Back immediately after and have the Groom or Bride

Sign Wedding License...

Witnesses Sign Wedding License...

I File Your Wedding License.....

* Extra Gift from Me **

I Mail Groom a Wedding Certificate made and signed by


I mail a Wedding Card to Groom or Bride
I Enclose a few Pictures of Your
Wedding Process
and a Thank You Card
We hope We Can be of Service 

                     And we know they will refer us to New Grooms
           as a thank you we will deposit a thank you gift in his book's

                              THANK YOU FOR CALLING ON US 
               I Hope to Be of Service to You in the Near Future

Check back later for new updates to our website.
                                  There's much more to come!

      Do you have any Suggestions?
                        Let me know so that I can improve Our Service ...


   I charge aNon-refundable booking fee of 50% to reserve your wedding date.
 This fee isNon-refundable, however I will do my best to accommodate
 changes to your wedding date. 
                      Please Add My Name to your Visiting Appointment
         when making your wedding date appointment at the Facility
                  Or I will not be Allowed in to officiate your wedding
                      ... No Exceptions facility rules thank you ....
                                        & you will have to reschedule

                         Ask about our Payment Plan to assist you 
                                 in Getting the process started...

                     License will be filed when payment is paid in full
          we have 7 business day's to file after ceremony takes place.



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