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We Service in the County's of 

  San Bernardino Cal , Rancho Cucamonga,
  Los Angeles California , 
     Castaic California , Riverside California,  
     San Diego California



       Inmate Detention Center's

  We will do everything We can to Meet Your 
                     Wedding Expectations
               that's why inmates refer us !!
    Notary Process is Quick and Officiant's are    Compassionate and Caring to your needs. 

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                         With a variety of payment offerings to choose from,
                      We're sure you'll be Happy Working with Us.
       Let me Tell You  Why I became a Wedding Officiate

It all Started when I was looking for a  wedding  officiate who Would Marry My Son Daniel & My daughter in law
while he was Incarcerated. 

                                                                         I seen how Expensive it was
                                                                                     $700 - $900 +
Wedding bible inmate
It was difficult for us to find a Minister who would do it not So Much for the Money as it was Costly.
I wanted them to be compassionate 
being that it was taking place @ County Jail Detention Center through a Window &  phone Visit 5-15 min. I wanted the love to be felt even though there was a glass window between Them, As this will be temporary in the name of Jesus.
I Remember the officiate complained and made it about Money and it was not Meaningful but it was Stressful
After thinking about our Experience I Decided I Can NOT let this be a Simple Wedding with no Meaning Just Because it's in a County Jail Detention Center, 
I make the whole process  Exciting & Affordable,

Together we plan when we will Get the Inability to Appear Notarized , 
Together we Make all appointment date's to fit your Schedule, 
we Set a Wedding Date to Officiate your Marriage, we will Answer all Questions and Concerns. 

We keep the bride / Groom informed of where we are in our process of the Bride / Groom getting  the Affidavit of Inability to Appear Notarized @ Detention Center and I send reminder of when we are set for our appointment @ County Clerks office.

         We try to make the Jail wedding's happen as Quickly as Possible
                      Before Anyone get's sent up State Or Out Of State

           Notary will contact you as soon as your Fiance signs the
                        Affidavit Inability to Appear Document.

               Notary and Inmate Wedding Officiant

                               Servicing You In  ...........

   San Bernardino County , Riverside County , IE
          Los Angeles County , Castaic California


   We Encourage Couple's to write their Own Wedding Vows there are No Right Or Wrong way as long as it's from your Heart they will be Perfect .

             We Will close the Ceremony with my vows  

 .... Jail Wedding's are Beautiful and Meaningful .....

     ...We Try our best to be Affordable & Available...
amber weddding ,Forever My Love
   Affordable  Starting @ 275.00 Down Payment to get your Process started Local detention centers.

Notary will go out and get Affidavit Inability To Appear               signed @ Detention Center
Wvdc,  Adelanto , Glenn Helen,  Sb Cdc, Wayside,

            If facility is on Lock Down And Or If Inmate is not Available due to Court or Discipline & Notary has to Return @ a later Date There will be a $ 50 travel return fee.

Notary give's 1 hr wait time after that it's a
$ 35.00 per 30 min
 Fee payable before we file Wedding License no Acceptions.

             Non- REFUNDABLE Notary Fee

depending on Facility site Payable before we file.

     ~ County Court and Jail Wedding's and Notary service ~

      West Valley Detention Center Notary & Officiate service.
      Glenn Helen Detention Center Notary & Marriage Service 

      Adelanto Detention Inmate Notary & Wedding Service,
      Cdc  San Bernardino Officiate and Notary Service..

      Wayside Castaic, Ca Jail Wedding & Notary Service

      Park Weddings,

      House weddings ,
Your Imagination is my Inspiration...

we strive To make it Stress Free as Possible
I'm Available via cell phone e-mail any time..

To Make it the Most Beautiful Day of Your Life

Where ever we do the Ceremony ( County Jail wedding )

I Can Offer you a pkg deal that can Eliminate hrs of Stress
and running around just ask for details.. 

               County Jail Wedding's 

         FOREVER MY LOVE Jail Wedding's
  ** October / November Special $425.00 ***
               ( local jail's Wvdc , Cdc, Ghrc ) 
                    ** license not included $90.00 **
                      Payment Plan add $50 Extra To Quote
 *** $ 475.00 Adelanto Detention Center ***
 *** $ 700.00 + Wayside Correctional Facility

         ***Pitchess Detention Center ***

    Must Mention web page advertisement @ time 
                 of Booking Wedding Date.

        Local jail weddings Reg: $500.00
                    Wayside  Reg $750.00 +
                  Adelanto Reg $ 550.00

        Jail Wedding Officiate & Notary Service

              e-mail liz91744@gmail com
         contact # 1-909-589-4402

 Do you have any Question's or Suggestions? feel free to Contact us

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